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Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

We offer excellent quality of air conditioning and refrigeration system. Our product range includes gas charging unit, refrigerant cycle, water cooler trainer, air conditioning, condensing unit and ice plant trainer. Manufactured using high grade materials in order to ensure quality and fast, reliable measurements.

We also customize this type of products as per your requirement.

  1. A/C Tutorial Model
  2. Air Conditioner Trainer
  3. Air Conditioning Direct & Indirect Refrigeration System
  4. Air Water Heat Pump
  5. Air-Conditioner Test Rig With Humidifcation & Dehumidifcation System
  6. Bottle Cooler
  7. Car A/C Tutorial Model
  8. CASCADE Refrigeration
  9. Compressor Tester
  10. Condensing Unit Trainer
  11. Cooling Tower
  12. Deep Freeze
  13. Fan Coil Unit
  14. Gas Charging Unit
  1. Ice Plant Trainer
  2. Mechanical Heat Pump
  3. Package AC Plant
  4. Recovery Unit
  5. Refrigeration Cycle Trainer
  6. Refrigeration Trainer
  7. Shell & Tube Chiller
  8. Shell & Tube Condensor
  9. Split Air Conditioning Test Rig
  10. Thermo Electric Pump
  11. Vapour Absorption Cycle Trainer
  12. Water Cooler
  13. Water Cooler Trainer
  14. Water To Water Heat Pump Trainer
  15. Window Air Conditioner Trainer