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Mass Transfer

We offer a wide range of mass transfer lab equipment that is highly appreciated by the customers. The array of products includes absorption column, packed bed distillation column, force draft tray dryer, wetted wall column, water cooling tower and VLE apparatus.

We also customize this type of products as per your requirement.

  1. Absorption and Stripping Column
  2. Agitated Batch Crystallizer
  3. Batch Type Tank Crystallizer
  4. Bubble Cap Continuous Distillation Column
  5. Diffusion Co-Efficient for Liquid – Liquid System
  6. Diffusion Co-Efficient for Vapour– Air System
  7. Fixed Bed Adsorption (Solid – Gas System)
  8. Fixed Bed Adsorption (Solid – Liquid System)
  9. Fluidized Bed Dryer
  10. Force Draft Tray Dryer
  11. Forced Draft Cooling Tower
  12. Induced Draft Tray Dryer
  13. ION Exchange Unit
  14. Kinetics of Dissolution of Benzoic Acid
  15. Liquid – Liquid Extraction & Distillation Column Combined System
  16. Liquid Extraction in Mixer Settler Column
  1. Liquid Extraction in Packed Column
  2. Liquid Extraction in Spray Column
  3. LLE Apparatus
  4. Mass Transfer with or without Chemical Reaction
  5. Natural Draft Tray Dryer
  6. Packed Bed Absorption Column
  7. Packed Bed Continuous Distillation Column
  8. Sieve Tray Continuous Distillation Column
  9. Solid - Liquid Extraction
  10. Steam Distillation Unit
  11. Vapour in Air Diffusion
  12. Vertical Tube Evaporator
  13. VLE Apparatus
  14. Water Cooling Tower
  15. Wetted Wall Gas Absorption Column